Corporate Website
About This Project
The Company
Teaffani Catering is a fast growing local catering company fou​​nded in year 2011 by a  2-man team.   It was started as home based business. Teaffani has 7 vehicles now and still growing.   Teaffani’s team can manage ​15​ sessions of events in a day.  The biggest event that they have done was to cater to a total of 1500 guests.
The Challenge
Teaffani engaged Naxpansion in the hopes of having a face lift for their website and to have a menu system that supports menu customization and enable the possibility of receiving orders 24/7.
The Solution
We have worked with Teaffani to come out a easy to use, user experience prioritized web application menu that enable users to customize their orders. We have also developed an backend that is easy to use, making it a very well developed and all rounded web application menu!