Amalan Setar


Digital Marketing
About This Project
The Company
Amalan Setar (M) Sdn. Bhd. (ASSB) was established with the sole purpose of developing truly affordable homes of high quality for the people. Through the years ASSB has lived up to its objective in more ways than one, helping enrich the lives of Malaysians through thoughtful developments that emphasize good design, high quality constructions, timely delivery and efficient after-sales
The Challenge
To reach out more to their potential audiences, providing more information and supports via online form towards their customers.
The Solution
Utilizing Social Media Platforms, Naxpansion managed to build rapport with potential customers for Amalan Setar. This doesn’t only improve the pre-sales and after sales services, but Amalan Setar is also able to share their mission and vision with their clients through this platform.